Fixed Income

Ramek Asset Management provides its clients with fixed income investment management, advisory and execution Services in pure vanilla corporate bonds, high yield bonds and government debt / rates in hard Currencies EUR,USD,GBP. Geographic areas covered are Europe, USA , Emerging Markets , MENA region and Asia.

Our extensive experience dealing in the Fixed Income OTC (over the counter) markets give us a leading edge, allowing delivering a transparent execution and discretionary management services with highly competitive prices, liquidity and solutions to address the ongoing needs and goals of our clients.


Equities are an increasing focus for us and are important for a well balanced portfolio. We have positioned ourselves to offer clients world class solutions on European, US and Asia Stocks and IPO’s. We believe that securities at the long-term convert to their true fundamental value and that all investors should understand the fundamentals behind every investment decision. Our clients can rest assured that we will be beside them in every step on the investment management process and that Fundamental Value Analytics will be the building block to the creation of a succesful investment strategy. Depending on your risk appetite we can tailor make a number of portfolios to match your needs including a blend of equites and bonds.

Foreign Exchange

Ramek Asset Management offers foreign exchange services to professional and corporate clients via its asscociated partners in all the major currencies. Through competitive rates, transparency and fair dealing our clients will rest assured that they get a high quality service tailored to their requirements.

What You Can Expect from us?

• A Portfolio Structure that is tailored on your personal needs and ambitions
• A Specialist Team dedicated delivering the best Global Opportunities
• Performance linked with your risk appetite
• Wide Range of Investment Opportunities
• Best Execution of Trades
• Low Transaction Costs

Custody and Clearing

Ramek does not hold client money. Through our partnerships with world leading clearing firms we depend on their significant balance sheets, depending on the products that are managed. We manage our client funds on a discretionary basis under limited power of attorney using managed accounts. We are also happy to use a clients existing set up if needed.

With the use of managed accounts we maximize the benefits for our clients, as  opposed to the traditional pooling of assets, as we ensure that the clients are always in control of what is theirs and are able to monitor performance on an individual basis.

It also means that our clients will be able to combine a portfolio mix of the products we offer, to best suit their unique risk appetite.